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Why I should never take up spinning… February 8, 2009

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Someone once told me that knitting socks was addictive. Having just struggled through my first (and I swore last) pair of socks, I laughed it off. Then I thought: just one more pair can’t hurt.

Someone else told me that dyeing yarn was a fun and compulsive activity. I didn’t see the attraction. Then I thought: just a little bit of Kool-Aid, just to see what it’s all about.

Currently, I am knitting my 10th pair of socks and have at least as many pairs lined up to follow. My stash includes yarn for 23 pairs of socks (but some of it is going to be a blanket, honest!). I have also just bought more Kool-Aid and plenty of undyed yarn. And coffee grounds from Starbucks. Lots and lots of coffee grounds. And a book on dyeing. And a book on knitting socks with hand-painted yarn (to combine the 2 obsessions in the most natural way possible).

So I must never never never take up spinning. Or felting – no wait, I’ve already tried that one. If I ever spin, I will surely prick my finger on a spindle and sleep for a hundred years, I mean I will turn into a complete hermit and never be seen again.


2 Responses to “Why I should never take up spinning…”

  1. kicking-k Says:

    Actually, I hope I get addicted to knitting socks. I’m still at the stage where they are daunting.

    Knitting in general, though – definitely hooked. (No, that would be crochet. You know what I mean.)

  2. Hazel Says:

    I pricked my finger on a spindle. I didn’t go to sleep for 100 years though – drat!

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