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Fings wot I lerned this week February 21, 2009

Filed under: General yarniness,Sock obsession — purplesteph @ 8:10 am

1. Knitting in the round with a magic loop is all very well. Knitting cables without a cable needle is all very well. But trying to do both at once is a recipe for dropped stitches at the beginning of a loop section.  They fall right out of the sky. No, wait, that was something else.

2. (Following on from 1.). When you are trying to knit cables on a magic loop and have foolishly left your cable needle at home, the ink tube from a biro will just about do as a substitute.

–Both of the above discoveries made while attempting Fetching.


3. It is possible to do an invisible cast on for toe up socks with double pointed needles instead of 2 cable needles, it’s just a bit fiddly for the first few rows, and then you need to work backwards along the cast on row tightening the stitches.

— Discovered while attempting Ziggy.


And 1 thing I can’t do without this week or ever: Picasa photo editor tools, especially the Red-Eye remover.  It makes such a difference to photo my friends without glowing red evil eyes in every photo. Especially at weddings.


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