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Thpoilt rotten in my firtht thwap February 21, 2009

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I took part in the Igor Thwap on Ravelry, with the Ankh Morpork Knitterth’ Guild – lithping ith part of the thwap ruleth, and ith thomewhat addictive…

Here ith what the lovely kathj thent me:

The thwap card, with eththeth carefully replathed with thth:

Thome foam handth and feet, alwayth utheful, ethpethially if another Igor needth a hand:

Thparkly red knitting needleth:

A book – it doethn’t tell you how to knit hipth, more’th the pity, but exthelllent all the thame. Altho note the hand and foot-thhaped paperclipth. Love them!

Toe thockth!

Thcented thoapth: thandalwood and carnathion:

The (Dithc)world’th finetht chocolate.  But how did thhe know it’th my favourite?

Heart thaped rubberth (that’th erathorth if you’re from the U ETH):

A thkein of Noro Bloththom – NORO!

What every Igorina needth – a heart-thaped bag to wear on her thleeve:

And inthide the bag, 3 ballth of novelty yarn:

Thith yarn ith thpeaking to me. It tellth me that it wantth to become part of a thwamp dragon.


2 Responses to “Thpoilt rotten in my firtht thwap”

  1. ganyah Says:

    eththellant package! giggled about the rubberth. took me 3 trieth to pronounthe the E word…lol. Wath thinking, wow what cute packageth they come in now!

  2. Hazel Says:

    Wooot! Great parcel 🙂

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