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This week I would like to thank April 6, 2009

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Signs of Spring

All photos taken by me, near my home - within 2 miles of the centre of Leeds. At least half of them are also within 10 feet of major roads. Also included: a shot of a local grass roof (big thanks to the homeowner for letting me inside for a better look); a bouquet my OH gave me on Friday; some local graffiti that caught my eye.

So, this week I would like to thank:

1. The people who planted the flowers

2. The One who makes them grow

3. Lynne and Hazel for being there while I was wrestling with an uncooperative heel on my latest socks (see future post for full gory details)

4. Helen from Ripples Hand Dyed Yarns for the gorgeous Iris yarn:

5. Everyone else on Ravelry who offered me suggestions in the Iris yarn thread.

(Memo: must get to Socktopus next time I’m in London).

6. Ooh – I almost forgot one! Thanks to Boots for bringing out the £1 ethical sock bag! They didn’t know that’s what they were doing, but what does that matter?


…& I’m fee-eeeling good April 2, 2009

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Yep, this is pretty much how I feel at the moment.

(I keep meaning to blog a couple of rants about the evil bank I worked for a few years ago, that keeps being in the news at the moment for all the wrong reasons.  But I’m way way too cheerful to go into any of that again.  Blogs will follow soon about more socks – I’m working on 2 designs.)