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This week I would like to thank April 6, 2009

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Signs of Spring

All photos taken by me, near my home - within 2 miles of the centre of Leeds. At least half of them are also within 10 feet of major roads. Also included: a shot of a local grass roof (big thanks to the homeowner for letting me inside for a better look); a bouquet my OH gave me on Friday; some local graffiti that caught my eye.

So, this week I would like to thank:

1. The people who planted the flowers

2. The One who makes them grow

3. Lynne and Hazel for being there while I was wrestling with an uncooperative heel on my latest socks (see future post for full gory details)

4. Helen from Ripples Hand Dyed Yarns for the gorgeous Iris yarn:

5. Everyone else on Ravelry who offered me suggestions in the Iris yarn thread.

(Memo: must get to Socktopus next time I’m in London).

6. Ooh – I almost forgot one! Thanks to Boots for bringing out the £1 ethical sock bag! They didn’t know that’s what they were doing, but what does that matter?


2 Responses to “This week I would like to thank”

  1. Hazel Says:

    I am sure I wasn’t any help at all ;P

  2. holyhandcrafter Says:

    Beautiful photos!

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