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Multi-tasking July 5, 2009

Filed under: Dyeing,General yarniness — purplesteph @ 4:07 pm

So, I haven’t blogged for ages. More because of too much stuff happening to blog about than too little. Not that that’s something I complain about, by the way.

But it does leave me wondering why I so frequently spend my free time multi-tasking – for example at the same time as I am flinging words at random in the direction of my blog, I am also watching a DVD, composing a mystery pattern for a swap (full details will be on a future blog), re-doing 2 rows of my Ishbel to sort out an error (thank God for lifelines)… oh, and my first attempt at natural dyeing is merrily cooking to itself in the microwave. The sofa beside me is littered with needles and part-finished projects.

Why do I do this? Do I really have that short an attention span? Possibly. Do I risk making mistakes because I rarely give my full attention to one thing at a time? Almost certainly, especially on row counts. Is it more fun this way?  Definitely.

Anyway, enough about me. Look at the pretty picture!

And there are more in my Flickr photostream – go on, look!


One Response to “Multi-tasking”

  1. kicking_k Says:

    Could it be because you have too many things you want to do and too little time, by any chance?

    I mean, I made muffins while intermittently reading a novel earlier, and yesterday I watched TV and did the ironing simultaneously. Now I’m reading blogs and knitting a sock. The only time I can do one thing and one only is at work.

    Pretty colours!

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