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BaaRamEwe just got better… November 26, 2009

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The best little yarn shop in Leeds just got better:

Ace designer Ysolda Teague opened the new workshop room at BaaRamEwe in Headingley last Thursday, and signed copies of the marvellous Whimsical Little Knits 2.  (Pandop, is it Christmas yet? What about now? Or now?)

See here for further photos, including a couple of the many Ishbels worn or brought along to the event (I counted at least 7), and evidence suggesting that it isn’t possible to take an unflattering photo of Ysolda, but it is definitely possible to take a very bad picture of me, particularly when I’m pulling a funny face, sipping wine and trying on a marigold yellow hat (the one seen in the background of the picture above). Oh well.

While my blog has been shockingly neglected of late, there may be some new entries coming up soon – I have no less than 4 designs in progress, of which 2 are almost ready to publish. And 1 of them isn’t even for socks! Also, in a case of necessity being the mother of invention, I’ve worked out a way to do a provisional (crochet) cast on with no crochet hook, just hands and a knitting needle. So that will be blogged as soon as I find a way to take a photo of my own hands.


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